Cocktail Friday: a Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Cocktail for Cocktail Friday

Last weekend was a very busy weekend. We had a company weekend with the team of Bailey Lights, the company I work for. On Friday I was so busy with packing and buying the last stuff for the weekend, that I didn’t had time to write and publish the cocktail for Cocktail Friday. Bailey has her 30th year anniversary this year, so for that we stayed from Friday until Sunday in the Belgium Ardennes. And of course I made a Mojito there for my colleagues;-) Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Cloud 9”

Cocktail Friday: a White Russian

Cocktail friday White Russian

This week I have been painting in the house a lot, so not much posting on Cakes and Pumps. But I didn’t want to let the Cocktail Friday go, so picked this nice little cocktail called white Russian. I already did a cocktail with Wodka (the Cosmopolitan), so I don’t have to buy a new liquor to make this cocktail. And I drink the Kahlua also pure, so the bottle was in the pocket too;-). Piece of cake then this cocktail;-) See more about the White Russian. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a White Russian”

Cocktail Friday: a Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan cocktail photographed on black for cocktail friday with vodka and triple sec

This Cocktail Friday’s cocktail became famous when Carrie Bradshaw started drinking this cocktail in Sex and the City. I watched a lot of episodes from Sex and the City, but it never made me drink a Cosmopolitan, which I regret now, because this cocktail is a goooooooood!!!  It’s fresh because of the lime and sweet by the Cranberry. Read further for the recipe. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Cosmopolitan”