Koko’s Beach on Jan Thiel baai, Curacao

Kokos Beach jan thiel baai Curacao, cakesandpumps.com

On Jan Thiel beach you can find this idyllic part of the beach near Koko’s beach. I think it’s new or recently renovated by Chogogo resort, which is close to this part of the beach. It looks great and is very quiet, and nothing better if you’re on a tropical island than to have a great topical beach on the other side of the street. Continue reading “Koko’s Beach on Jan Thiel baai, Curacao”

Hotspot: Restaurant Elements, Cala Benirras Ibiza

Grilled Fish we ordered at restaurant Elements, cala Benirras Ibiza

On Ibiza you have so many nice restaurants, some in the little villages or in Eivissa city and some on the beach. When we visited Cala Benirras, to see the famous drum players (see my blog about the drum players on Cakesandpumps), we were too early. We thought too early in the season, but later we found out too early for sunset;-). So we decided to have some dinner on the beach at restaurant Elements. Read further about this restaurant. Continue reading “Hotspot: Restaurant Elements, Cala Benirras Ibiza”

Hotspot: Amante beachclub Ibiza


M.’s brother and his wife tried to go to Amante beach club twice, and both of the times it was closed because of a wedding or a party or something. It made me curious about the beach club Amante in Ibiza. They say this is a hidden spot, very nice and with a beautiful view on the bay of Sol d’en Serra. So with our third visit to Ibiza, it was high on our to do list. Do you also want to see more of this beautiful spot? Read further Continue reading “Hotspot: Amante beachclub Ibiza”

Hot Spot: The Harbour Club Ibiza

Entrance harbour club Ibiza

Edit: Unfortunately The Harbour Club Ibiza is closed since Summer 2016. Their sister club next to the Harbour club is still open, but we haven’t been there yet

Two years ago, our first time to Ibiza, I received a list with hotspots from one of my colleagues, Lilly. She is a regular visitor of Ibiza and she nows a lot of nice hotspots on Ibiza. Always nice to have such colleagues;-).
One of the hotspots on the list was the Harbour Club Ibiza. She told us that they just opened and that the son of one of her friends was the new manager there. We had a busy time on the island, saw a lot of nice places, and vacation was almost over. So on one of the last days I said to M. that there was a hotspot left on the list of Lilly that I wanted to visit for dinner. The Harbour Club Ibiza is one of the restaurants of the Harbour Club group. Read more about this hotspot. Continue reading “Hot Spot: The Harbour Club Ibiza”

Vacation House in Ibiza: review

House Casa Blanca overview garden

At the beginning of this week we came back from our 10-day vacation to Ibiza. We rented a beautiful villa (house) from One of a Kind Villas Ibiza (Huis huren Ibiza in Dutch). I made a review of the house, are you reading with me?.(Click on the title to read to complete Blog)Continue reading “Vacation House in Ibiza: review”

Ibiza: Portinatx

Ibiza Portinatx

The weather is still not good here in Holland, so today I’m dreaming of Ibiza, with the nice warm beaches, beautiful landscapes, nice restaurants and beach clubs and all the places where you can party all night. Ibiza is so beautiful, and the nicest thing of the island is that there is something for almost everyone. If you’re young and only want to party and lay your head down on the beach, choice enough. But also a lot of fun sites for families or places to enjoy the beautiful nature. Eating out in Ibiza is like paradise, you can have your food cheap, in a little place on the beach (ok I agree, Mc Donalds, pizza etc is more cheap, but I don’t call that paradise), and also very very expensive restaurants for example like The Sublimotion, which was in 2014 the most expensive restaurant in the world. And of course everything that’s in between.
I have never heard of anyone not liking Ibiza. We really like to travel, party and enjoy nice food, but the strangest thing is, we only went to Ibiza for the first time in 2013. Little Larsman was 6 months old and we didn’t want to go to a far away travel destination, but also didn’t want to spend our vacation in some kind of family resort. That year, Ibiza was on the spot in Holland, and the idea was born to go to Ibiza. And since the day we set foot in Ibiza, we planned to go back there every year. This year we will go for the third time and since spring is on his way, Ibiza season will open in a couple of weeks, I thought it would be nice to do some posts about Ibiza on this blog.
This one is the first one and it’s about Portinatx beach. Portinatx (you pronounce it as Port-i-natsj) is a village in the north of Ibiza. You can go there by car or by bus (I read bus 20 from Eivissa or bus 21 from Santa Eularia, but i’m not sure). It’s a bit of a touristic village, with some hotels and apartments. It’s not big and so is the beach of Portinatx. The beach is really lovely, with quiet water. Specially the quiet water is nice for little children who can’t swim yet. Continue reading “Ibiza: Portinatx”