Cocktail Friday: A Rum Cola

Recipe of Borgoe cola, standing next to the swimming pool,

While I was moving all the Blogs from Photosforfoodies to Cakes and Pumps I noticed that I never wrote a Blog about Rum Cola. And this happens to be the most made cocktail in Suriname, which is the country where my hubby Martin is born and where we have spent almost 6 vacations already. So the choice was made quickly , the first Cocktail Friday Blog for Cakes and Pumps is about Rum Cola, or better a Borgoe Cola, with Surinamese rum.
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Cocktail Friday: a Strawberry Daiquiri

Cocktail Friday with a strawberry Daiquiri

When we are talking about the Cocktail Friday at work, one of my colleagues always tells me that she drunk some Strawberry daiquiris on a vacation in Mexico. She really liked it a lot. So I thought I should really try this Strawberry Daiquiri for this Cocktail Friday. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Strawberry Daiquiri”

Cocktail Friday: a Blue Hawaiian

For Cocktail friday we drink a Blue Hawaiian cocktail

I still don’t have a lot of time to make blogpost, because of working on the house. But I try to keep up with the Cocktail Friday. Just because this cocktail Friday gives such a nice start of the weekend;-). For the Cocktail Friday this week, I made a Blue Hawaiian. Read more about this cocktail: Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Blue Hawaiian”

Cocktail Friday: a Pina Colada

a Pina Colada with rum, pineapple and coconut

It’s weeeeeeeeeekend and Cocktail Friday again. This time I have chosen a Pina Colada .
I love those Pina Coladas! And not the ready made Pina Coladas out of a bottle, but selfmade Pina Cola. When I’m writing this blog, I’m zipping on the Pina Cola that I just photographed for this Blog post. Normally we always pretaste the cocktails the night before Cocktail Friday, but yesterday we were very busy with working on my atelier. So I had to taste this one on my own tonight. But this is a golden oldie for us, so I know allready that this one is one of M.’s favourites too. Read more for the Recipe. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Pina Colada”

Cocktail Friday: a Caribbean Blue

Close up of the Caribbean Cocktail for Cocktail Friday

Yesssssss it’s Cocktail Friday again, that means the weekend is about to start.
Last Monday we came back from our super vacation in Ibiza with M.’s family. We really had a great time, visited nice places, eating a lot of good food and enjoying a lot of Sangria;-).
Next couple of weeks I will write some blogs about the food hotspots we visited in Ibiza. In the meantime you can read on cakes and Pumps the review that I wrote about the house la Primavera we stayed in. The article was a little bit more work then I expected, so no food blog appeared on Cakes and Pumps this week.
But I try to make it up to you with this nice Blue cocktail, find the recipe below. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Caribbean Blue”

Cocktail Friday: a Mai Tai

Mai Tai cocktail voor Cocktail Friday

Last week we had the Mojito for Cocktail Friday, this Friday we drink a Mai Tai. A Mai Tai is also a cocktail that you drink with rum. Haha you can easily see that I prefer rum as cocktail mixing drink;-). But the next cocktail will be one without rum, I promiss.
In a Mai Tai you put white and brown rum, but for the rest you have many different versions of the Mai Tai. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Mai Tai”

Cocktail Friday: an Orange Plantation

Orange Plantation cocktail

Weekend and time for Cocktail Friday!
Since it’s almost Kingsday here in Holland (Monday 27th of April), I wanted to mix an orange cocktail this time. With a little search in one of my Mix books, I found this one. Wednesday all the bottles for this Cocktail Friday came in and yesterday we pre-tested the cocktail.
I expected the Orange curacao to be a little more orange, so a little bit disappointed, since I wanted to make an orange one and the orange curaçao looks a little bit more brownish. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: an Orange Plantation”

Cocktail Friday: a Mojito

Mojito Cocktail for Cocktail Friday

Cocktail Friday with a Mojito is a good start of the weekend. When I was in my twenties I used to drink Rum-cola’s (or Cuba Libres if you prefer that name) if I drunk a cocktail. A Mojito wasn’t popular at all in Holland. I don’t know exactly when I drunk this cocktail for the first time, I think somewhere in 2009 just before we went for a vacation to Brasil, the land of the Caiparinha’s. Rum is one of my favorite mixing drinks, so the Mojito easily became one of the more often made or ordered cocktails. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Mojito”