Sunday Smoothie: Strawberry Rhubarb


We had a great weekend, on Friday and Saturday night we went to a festival called “Parkfeest Oosterhout”. Most artists on the festival are Dutch. Friday night was with cover bands and as closing act a couple of Dj’s with a 80’s – 90’s program. Yesterday was with Di-rect and Raccoon.You see them on every festival in Holland during summer, but who cares. Music isn’t the most important thing of the festival for me. With this “parkfeest” you always bump into old friends or people you haven’t seen for a while. The other side of a weekend like this is, that most of the time we don’t sleep enough,so every day we come too late out of bed. Not so good on Sunday Smoothie, where I mostly want to write a post for and another one for cakesandpumps. But I did it, only it’s a little late for the morning smoothie;-) haha you can try this one on another day then if you want. Read more for the recipe. Continue reading “Sunday Smoothie: Strawberry Rhubarb”