Cupcakes for being a non-smoker for one year

cupcakes Quit smoking

These days it’s almost 2,5 year since I quit smoking. I wrote this post in the first place for Photos for foodies. But I decided to quit my blog Photos for Foodies, because it’s too much work to write for three blogs. It does’t feel right for me if all my blogpost from Photos for foodies will be lost, so I decided to move all the posts to Cakes and Pumps. This is the first post that I move, and happily I’m still a non-smoker. I’m really happy with that, You can read my quit story that I wrote on this blog here:
For Photos for foodies I made cupcakes for my colleagues and I want to show you those cupcakes that I made, to celebrate this one-year-non-smoking with my colleagues.
At Bailey lights I have a lot of colleagues who are crazy about food. So next to the talking about lamps, the second important talking is about food.

A couple of those colleagues also bake (cup)cakes or some other things for us to eat. I never did such a thing, but I thought maybe this could be a good habit now I have my Cakes and Pumps blog. Just to bake something for my colleagues once and a while.
Let’s see if I can make a new serie out of this colleague treat. Continue reading “Cupcakes for being a non-smoker for one year”

One year a non-smoker

quit smoking
So happy, today is the day I haven’t smoked for 1 year. On 22 April 2014 23.30 I smoked my last cigarette. All the non-smokers who never smoked, probably think why is that so special. But out of my own experience I know by now that one time a smoker you will always stay a smoker. At least someone who is easily becoming a smoker again.
I was a non-smoker for ten years when I was 23, and at 33 I started smoking again. Stupid hey. But I just did, only because I was on a vacation in Kenya and Tanzania and I thought after 10 years it wouldn’t matter anymore. But it did.
After that time I quit for 7 months and of course during my pregnancy of Larsman I didn’t smoke.
But when he was born I started all over again. The only difference was that smoking a whole package a day was to much and I stayed for a while on 9 cigarettes per day.
And more changed, I had a son, and more and more I felt I had to quit smoking because if him. I want to see him growing up, and I want to stay healthy. Keep smoking wouldn’t help me with that.
And then at the end of 2013 I started to have some colds. That’s not so strange with a 10 months old baby who is going to childcare. But my colds didn’t go away. And for almost 12 weeks I was sick, coughing, sneezing etc.
I really thought that I wouldn’t get better anymore. In the meantime I tried an electronic smoker. But that felt like fake smoking, I didn’t like that at all. Continue reading “One year a non-smoker”