Ibiza: Portinatx

Ibiza Portinatx

The weather is still not good here in Holland, so today I’m dreaming of Ibiza, with the nice warm beaches, beautiful landscapes, nice restaurants and beach clubs and all the places where you can party all night. Ibiza is so beautiful, and the nicest thing of the island is that there is something for almost everyone. If you’re young and only want to party and lay your head down on the beach, choice enough. But also a lot of fun sites for families or places to enjoy the beautiful nature. Eating out in Ibiza is like paradise, you can have your food cheap, in a little place on the beach (ok I agree, Mc Donalds, pizza etc is more cheap, but I don’t call that paradise), and also very very expensive restaurants for example like The Sublimotion, which was in 2014 the most expensive restaurant in the world. And of course everything that’s in between.
I have never heard of anyone not liking Ibiza. We really like to travel, party and enjoy nice food, but the strangest thing is, we only went to Ibiza for the first time in 2013. Little Larsman was 6 months old and we didn’t want to go to a far away travel destination, but also didn’t want to spend our vacation in some kind of family resort. That year, Ibiza was on the spot in Holland, and the idea was born to go to Ibiza. And since the day we set foot in Ibiza, we planned to go back there every year. This year we will go for the third time and since spring is on his way, Ibiza season will open in a couple of weeks, I thought it would be nice to do some posts about Ibiza on this blog.
This one is the first one and it’s about Portinatx beach. Portinatx (you pronounce it as Port-i-natsj) is a village in the north of Ibiza. You can go there by car or by bus (I read bus 20 from Eivissa or bus 21 from Santa Eularia, but i’m not sure). It’s a bit of a touristic village, with some hotels and apartments. It’s not big and so is the beach of Portinatx. The beach is really lovely, with quiet water. Specially the quiet water is nice for little children who can’t swim yet. Continue reading “Ibiza: Portinatx”