Sunday Smoothie: Mango Pineapple Strawberry

Mango Pineapple strawberry smoothie

I could really use a good smoothie this morning. We went out for dinner last night with good friends. We went to a Japanese-all-you-can-eat-concept restaurant, called Asuka. The concept is simple and you always eat too much (oeps in this way I will never loose that extra kg which is still there from Ibiza;-). But the food is fine. I ate some Sushi, Sashimi and a lot of beef and chicken. The concept is nice because all 4 of us ordered what we like and we shared the different food with each other.
As usual we said to each other that we won’t make it too late this evening. Haha well like all the other times it didn’t work, because after leaving the restaurant, the first thing M. said was: some more drinks in another bar? haha off course we did. So too late in bed, a little bit too much alcohol and you could definitely use this Mango Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie. Read more about te recipe. Continue reading “Sunday Smoothie: Mango Pineapple Strawberry”

Cocktail Friday: a Pina Colada

a Pina Colada with rum, pineapple and coconut

It’s weeeeeeeeeekend and Cocktail Friday again. This time I have chosen a Pina Colada .
I love those Pina Coladas! And not the ready made Pina Coladas out of a bottle, but selfmade Pina Cola. When I’m writing this blog, I’m zipping on the Pina Cola that I just photographed for this Blog post. Normally we always pretaste the cocktails the night before Cocktail Friday, but yesterday we were very busy with working on my atelier. So I had to taste this one on my own tonight. But this is a golden oldie for us, so I know allready that this one is one of M.’s favourites too. Read more for the Recipe. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Pina Colada”

Sunday Smoothie: Melon Pineapple

For Sunday Smoothie a Melon Pineapple smoothie

A new Smoothie for Sunday Smoothie, a Melon Pineapple Smoothie.

If you want to make Smoothies there are a couple of tips that I have for you to make your Smoothies even better. Continue reading “Sunday Smoothie: Melon Pineapple”

Sunday Smoothie: Banana Pineapple

ananas banaan smoothie

I tasted a lot of smoothies the last couple of weeks, but it didn’t prevented me from getting an awful cold that I have since a few days.
But of course that’s not so strange. Fruit can help you to stay healthy, but it’s not some kind of miracle. But I still like to make smoothies so I definitely will keep the Sunday Smoothie serie.
This time we tested the Smoothie Banana Pineapple for Cakes and Pumps. This Smoothie is so easy to make. And the taste is great. Continue reading “Sunday Smoothie: Banana Pineapple”