Cocktail Friday: a Mai Tai

Mai Tai cocktail voor Cocktail Friday

Last week we had the Mojito for Cocktail Friday, this Friday we drink a Mai Tai. A Mai Tai is also a cocktail that you drink with rum. Haha you can easily see that I prefer rum as cocktail mixing drink;-). But the next cocktail will be one without rum, I promiss.
In a Mai Tai you put white and brown rum, but for the rest you have many different versions of the Mai Tai. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Mai Tai”

Cocktail Friday: an Orange Plantation

Orange Plantation cocktail

Weekend and time for Cocktail Friday!
Since it’s almost Kingsday here in Holland (Monday 27th of April), I wanted to mix an orange cocktail this time. With a little search in one of my Mix books, I found this one. Wednesday all the bottles for this Cocktail Friday came in and yesterday we pre-tested the cocktail.
I expected the Orange curacao to be a little more orange, so a little bit disappointed, since I wanted to make an orange one and the orange curaçao looks a little bit more brownish. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: an Orange Plantation”