Focaccia Bread, homemade with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt

Focaccia bread with rosemary and sea salt

I love to bake my own bread. Despite the hype these days not to eat (too much) bread, I’m going to try to bake a new bread every week. I love eating bread! I mostly eat kellogg Special K with pure Chocolate every day, but that’s mostly because I’m lazy in the morning and for lunch, specially when I have to go to work. Baking my own bread is time consuming and that’s something I don’t have on work days. Baking a bread like this delicious Focaccia bread, is taking up to at least 3 hours before you can really eat it. It’s not that you have to sit next to the bread all the time, but you have to stay close to do some work now and then;-).

Homemade focaccia bread with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt

The whole proces starts with the making of the dough. When the dough is mixed you have to wait twice an hour to let the dough rise. Continue reading “Focaccia Bread, homemade with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt”

Latte Macchiato

 Latte Macchiato

We really like Latte Macchiato’s but we don’t drink them very often. Because of all the milk it’s a heavy drink and I think there are a lot of calories in it, but it looks really nice and it’s easy to make. Latte Macchiato is some kind of alternative for a Cappuccino, although there is some difference between the two. A Cappuccino is an espresso with warm milk in it and a Latte Macchiato is frothed milk with a shot of espresso in it. You also have a Caffe Latte, which is an espresso with a little milk in it. But that’s really a different drink. A couple of years ago we were in Ibiza and I ordered a Latte Macchiato, I had to explain to the waiter what that was (hahaha I should have cancelled it by then-;), and he said he new what it was. You can imagine how surprised I looked when I received this:

Caffe Latte

We crazy Dutch drink these drinks whenever we want to, but Italians only drink a cappuccino before noon, after 12 it’s a crime to drink these kind of drinks. Since a Latte Macchiato is an alternative for Cappuccino, I guess it’s the same crime;-). Continue reading “Latte Macchiato”