White asparagus with eggs, ham and potatoes

White asparagus with eggs, ham and potatoes

White asparagus. They call them the white gold, since the taste is so good. In reality you like them a lot or you don’t like them at all. There doesn’t seem to be a way in between.
I like them a lot and luckily M. too. And when the season starts, we eat these vegetables at least one time in a week.
In Holland we can buy the green ones the whole year, but the white ones (the real dutch ones) are only in the stores or at the farms from the end of March to the beginning of June. Continue reading “White asparagus with eggs, ham and potatoes”

Five Pictures: Easter 2015


For this new serie I made five pictures with the subject Easter. In this new serie I will show you 5 different pictures of a chosen subject. just for fun, because I love to make pictures. The first picture that you see above, is made with small eggs. It took me more time to make this image than I thought before I started this little project, but I’m happy with the results.

For the next image, I bought a couple of fake eggs at the Hema. The instruction said I had to break the top of the egg with a spoon. haha not, in reality I could have better used an axe to top it;-). Now wait for a month to see the plant grow out of these easter eggs.

easter eggs
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