Groeten en Fruit – Asis Fruitswagen in Curacao

Groeten en fruit, Curacao - fruittentje in een zeecontainer
It’s been some time since I made a Blogpost about Curacao, while I do have a lot more to show you of the island, where we’ve been and what great places they have to eat. So it’s time to write some more Blogposts.
Every day when we drove back to our appartment at Jan Thiel baai, we came by this funny fruit wagon, called Asis Fruitwagen. It has this funny thing on it with Groeten en Fruit. Whiche means Greetings and Fruit. But in Dutch you see a lot Groenten en Fruit (so with an extra n at Groeten, and then it means vegetables). I don’t know if it was a typing error, but it’s a great one in this case. Continue reading “Groeten en Fruit – Asis Fruitswagen in Curacao”

Serena’s Art factory Curaçao

Chichi at Serena's art factory Curacao,
If you really want to take a nice souvenir back home and also want to visit a special place, then you should definitely visit Serena’s Art factory. When I’m travelling, I like it a lot to take different souvenirs home, and for me that’s the case with a Chichi. Continue reading “Serena’s Art factory Curaçao”

Pop’s place, where you can eat delicious local food in Curacao

Front of Pop's place Curacao, review on
Driving around on Curacao with a friend of us, he gave us the tip to have lunch or dinner at Pop’s place. He knows that we like Surinamese food, so he thought that we would like the food from Curacao too. On the 2nd of January we went to the restaurant to see of they were open, but they were not. Two days later they were open, so we went there to have lunch. Continue reading “Pop’s place, where you can eat delicious local food in Curacao”

Fish restaurant Purunchi Koredor Curacao

Purunchi fish restaurant Curacao,

The pro of having family on the island is that they take you sometimes to the nicest places and restaurants of the island. Last week the niece of Martin’s mother brought us to some great beaches on the western side of the island. Last Saturday we went with her to a really nice fish restaurant in Willemstad, named Purunchi Koredor. Continue reading “Fish restaurant Purunchi Koredor Curacao”

Koko’s Beach on Jan Thiel baai, Curacao

Kokos Beach jan thiel baai Curacao,

On Jan Thiel beach you can find this idyllic part of the beach near Koko’s beach. I think it’s new or recently renovated by Chogogo resort, which is close to this part of the beach. It looks great and is very quiet, and nothing better if you’re on a tropical island than to have a great topical beach on the other side of the street. Continue reading “Koko’s Beach on Jan Thiel baai, Curacao”