Cocktail Friday: a Batida de Banana Coco

Batida de banana coco

Did you miss last week’s Cocktail Friday? It’s not you, just me. Last week I didn’t had time to write the post for cocktail Friday. But we tried the cocktail the day before and it was such a delicious cocktail, so I wrote an other post about it. You can find last week’s Cocktail Friday: Cloud 9 here.
For today we fly to the other side of the world, to Brazil again. Remember the Caipirinha that we made a couple of weeks ago? Today we made a Batida de Banana Coco. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Batida de Banana Coco”

Cocktail Friday: a Caipirinha

Cocktail friday with a Caipirinha

Almost everyone who has been to Brazil for vacation or a business trip knows what a Caipirinha is. I think they make this cocktail in every bar in Brasil and also at home. I only visited a part in the North of Brasil, which looked a lot like Suriname. So I loved it immediately, because we are also crazy about Suriname. And I drunk the cocktail a lot in Brasil. Continue reading “Cocktail Friday: a Caipirinha”