Sunday Smoothie: Pear raspberry smoothie

Pear raspberry smoothie

Pear raspberry smoothie

Sunday Smoothie time again, this time we have a Pear raspberry smoothie

I always call all the mixes with fruit a smoothie, but since I’m searching for smoothies for my blogs I found out that you have different kind of fruit drinks.

A smoothie is mostly frozen fruit with yoghurt, cream, milk, custard or mascarpone added. It looks like a milkshake and it’s nice to drink it cold.

A shake is not thick as a smoothie, because you use fresh fruit and not the frozen ones. To make this shake a little more thick, you can also add yoghurt, milk or ice-cream.

Nice pear raspberry smoothie with honey

A Lassie is an Indian frink, with fruit or vegetables with yoghurt, water en a few spices.

A frappé is a fruit mixed with ice to make the drink Ice-cold.

And from all these drinks are a lot of different variations. You see a lot of green smoothies, which are mostly with vegetables. Or smoothies with coffee and ice-cream, to make it more look like a dessert.
So to make it a little bit easier, I just do like a lot of people, and call everything a smoothie;-).

Raspberry pear smoothie

Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. I quit with this Blog, but it didn’t feel good to lose all the recipes, that’s why I copied all the posts to Cakes and Pumps. This post is written in 2015 by myself.

The Recipe:

Sunday Smoothie: Pear raspberry smoothie

Pear Raspberry smoothie with honey, nice for breakfast or as a healthy snack
Course Smoothie
Servings 2
Author Cakes and Pumps


  • 2 Big ripe pears
  • 125 gr Raspberries frozen
  • 2 dl icecold water
  • Honey to your own taste


  1. Put the raspberries in the blender. You can use a couple of the raspberries for decoration so leave them out of the blender.
  2. Peel the pears and remove the core out of the pear. Cut the pears into smaller pieces and then in the blender.
  3. Put the water in the blender.
  4. Mix al the ingredients in the blender.
  5. Taste the mix and put honey to your own taste in it. I took two spoons and that was enough for me.
  6. Put the mix in a jar or a glass.
  7. Smoothie finished. Delicious for breakfast or as a healthy snack

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