Cocktail Friday: a Batida de Banana Coco

Batida met Cachaca, banaan en kokos

Batida de banana coco

Did you miss last week’s Cocktail Friday? It’s not you, just me. Last week I didn’t had time to write the post for cocktail Friday. But we tried the cocktail the day before and it was such a delicious cocktail, so I wrote an other post about it. You can find last week’s Cocktail Friday: Cloud 9 here.
For today we fly to the other side of the world, to Brazil again. Remember the Caipirinha that we made a couple of weeks ago? Today we made a Batida de Banana Coco.

Cocktail Friday with cachaca in a batida banana coco

This Batida de banana Coco cocktail is also made with Cachaca, the famous Brazillian drink. For me the Caipirinha was to sour, but today’s cocktail is not sour at all with coconut cream, banana and pineapple juice.
It sounds a little bit like a Pina Colada, only now with Cachaca and a banana blended into it.

For Cocktail Friday a Batida de Banana Coco

On the internet I found recipes of a Batida de Coco and a Batida de Banana. I just couldn’t choose between those two, so decided to mix them a little bit and made it into a Batida de Banana Coco.
Batidas are always mixes with (tropical) fruit and Cachaca, mostly prepared in a blender and with crushed ice. They use coconut cream or sweet condensed milk.

Have a great weekend!

Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. I quit with this Blog, but it didn’t feel good to lose all the recipes, that’s why I copied all the posts to Cakes and Pumps. This post is written in 2015 by myself.

The Recipe:

Cocktail Friday: Batada de Banana Coco

From the other side of the world some kind of Batida from Brasil, with Cachaca, Banana, Pineapple juice and Coconut milk.
Course Cocktail
Cuisine Dutch
Keyword Banana, Cachaca, Cocktail, Cocktail friday, Pineapple juice
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1
Author Cakes and Pumps


  • 60 ml Cachaca
  • 60 ml Coconut cream
  • 60 ml Pineapple juice
  • Half banana
  • Ice-cubes
  • Pieces of Banana for decoration


  1. Put the ice-cubes in a Blender.
  2. Poor the Cachaca, the coconut cream and the pineapple juice over the ice-cubes.
  3. Cut the banana into pieces, leave a few pieces of the banana out of the mix for decoration and blender everything into a smooth mix.
  4. Put the mix into a glass and decorate is with a few pieces of banana.
  5. Your cocktail is finished, Enjoy!


Batida de banana coco with cachaca

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