Making super easy Sushi Japanese style

Making Sushi in a simple way,
Last week, we were invited for lunch at Japanese friends of us. They asked us if we want to eat Sushi and Tempura, but we had to make the Sushi ourselves. Of course we wanted that, we love eating Sushi and tempura. But making it is quite another story. The last time I made Nigiri Sushi myself, all the rice was sticking to my fingers and the Sushi really looked awful. But when we arrived at our friends house it turned out that they had a very easy way of making Sushi, together sitting at the table. Even for us Dutchies it was simple, so we tried it this week already at home. Continue reading “Making super easy Sushi Japanese style”

Groeten en Fruit – Asis Fruitswagen in Curacao

Groeten en fruit, Curacao - fruittentje in een zeecontainer
It’s been some time since I made a Blogpost about Curacao, while I do have a lot more to show you of the island, where we’ve been and what great places they have to eat. So it’s time to write some more Blogposts.
Every day when we drove back to our appartment at Jan Thiel baai, we came by this funny fruit wagon, called Asis Fruitwagen. It has this funny thing on it with Groeten en Fruit. Whiche means Greetings and Fruit. But in Dutch you see a lot Groenten en Fruit (so with an extra n at Groeten, and then it means vegetables). I don’t know if it was a typing error, but it’s a great one in this case. Continue reading “Groeten en Fruit – Asis Fruitswagen in Curacao”

Serena’s Art factory Curaçao

Chichi at Serena's art factory Curacao,
If you really want to take a nice souvenir back home and also want to visit a special place, then you should definitely visit Serena’s Art factory. When I’m travelling, I like it a lot to take different souvenirs home, and for me that’s the case with a Chichi. Continue reading “Serena’s Art factory Curaçao”

DIY: Coasters made of iron beads

Coasters all made of hama ironing beads

In our garden we have a very nice garden seat with a teak table. The table is untreated. Very happy with the furniture, only the table looks so shitty sometimes because of the circles made by wet glasses. So I have been looking for nice coasters everywhere, but haven’t found them yet.
But in the summer, we’re using the table all the time, so desperately needed a temporarily solution this summer. That’s why I came on the idea of making coasters of iron beads.
It’s a very nice DIY project and while making the coasters I got one idea after another.
In the mean time I found out that coasters of iron beads are not a total solution. Because of the small holes in the beads, fluids can still go through. But it makes it a little bit better and for hot mugs it works good.
Beside that they look really great on my garden table;-)
DIY Coasters from hama beads in use Read more how I made them… Continue reading “DIY: Coasters made of iron beads”

My Top 5 songs #3

MyTop5songs nr3

The last couple of days I didn’t feel so well. Some kind of virus which kept me posted on the toilet;-). Today feeling a little bit better, but could definitely use some nice music to cheer me up. So I found a couple of nice tracks on Youtube for this Top 5 songs #3 2015. Click further to find the videos. Continue reading “My Top 5 songs #3”

DIY: Copper colored mason jars and weck jars


A couple of weeks ago I saw this great DIY idea at Chapter Friday, to make copper colored mason jars. I like it a lot, since my desk is always full with stuff like pencils and markers that I should really put into a jar or something. So to keep it a little bit more clean I could really use this to clean my desk a little bit. Haha does that sound familiar to you too, then you should try this DIY. It’s an easy thing to do, the waiting for the paint to dry takes much more time than the DIY itself. Continue reading “DIY: Copper colored mason jars and weck jars”

Playmobil Painting

Playmobil painting

In 2014 I didn’t make a lot of paintings, because I had to study a lot. But there is one painting that I would really like to show you. Most people know Playmobil and a lot of you even have played with it when they were young.
Since I have a son of 2 years old, slowly more and more toys are winning space in our house.
So one day I saw an advertorial from Playmobil and an idea popped into my head. I would make a Playmobil painting/piece of Art.
I took a canvas and started painting 11 different coloured strokes on the canvas.
In the meantime I went to our attic to find the few Playmobil dolls M. had when he was younger (haha he didn’t know I did that, because of course he wouldn’t give me permission to use them). He only had 10 or 12 so basically nothing (I already counted that I needed at least 300 dolls). Continue reading “Playmobil Painting”

My Top 5 Songs #1

My Top 5 songs nr 1

There is so much different music that I like. But sometimes I hear some songs on the radio that stay in my head. This is mostly when I’m driving my car and listening to Slamfm or Radio538. One of these song is Major Lazor & DJSnake with Lean on. (Click on the title to read to complete Blog).. Continue reading “My Top 5 Songs #1”

One year a non-smoker

quit smoking
So happy, today is the day I haven’t smoked for 1 year. On 22 April 2014 23.30 I smoked my last cigarette. All the non-smokers who never smoked, probably think why is that so special. But out of my own experience I know by now that one time a smoker you will always stay a smoker. At least someone who is easily becoming a smoker again.
I was a non-smoker for ten years when I was 23, and at 33 I started smoking again. Stupid hey. But I just did, only because I was on a vacation in Kenya and Tanzania and I thought after 10 years it wouldn’t matter anymore. But it did.
After that time I quit for 7 months and of course during my pregnancy of Larsman I didn’t smoke.
But when he was born I started all over again. The only difference was that smoking a whole package a day was to much and I stayed for a while on 9 cigarettes per day.
And more changed, I had a son, and more and more I felt I had to quit smoking because if him. I want to see him growing up, and I want to stay healthy. Keep smoking wouldn’t help me with that.
And then at the end of 2013 I started to have some colds. That’s not so strange with a 10 months old baby who is going to childcare. But my colds didn’t go away. And for almost 12 weeks I was sick, coughing, sneezing etc.
I really thought that I wouldn’t get better anymore. In the meantime I tried an electronic smoker. But that felt like fake smoking, I didn’t like that at all. Continue reading “One year a non-smoker”