This Blog about Lifestyle, cooking, traveling, restaurants, cocktails and much more is written by Claudia. This is me:
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I’m married the love of my life Martin (also known as M. here on the Blog), and together we have a lovely son Lars (#thelarsman). With our little family we also have a great dog called Bruno, a black labrador.
We live in this never ending renovation project, a house from before 1900, which we are renovating for more than 15 years now. Every year we try to do some things to the house, and it’s quit nice already. But to make it perfect there is still a big list of work.
I’m not a blogger who posts every day, but I try to post at least one Blog per week. Lately it’s a little bit quiet on the Blog, because I have to write a Master Thesis. Since a long time I’m following a course called ” Master in Controlling” at Nyenrode Business university.
And for now I want to finish that course. So unfortunately no time to write blogs.

Blogging is not the only thing that I do, I also work as a business controller at Bailey Lights. And blogging about Interior on Goodlives Interior Blog. And in the rest of my free time we are renovating our house, making DIY projects, selling some hobby stuff through a little website called Cottonandcandles, love cooking for friends and for our selves, and to travel the world. Since our son is a little bit older now, it’s easier to go to further destinations again. So at the beginning of 2017 he travelled for the first time outside Europe to Suriname. I hope many trips will follow with the three of us to beautiful destinations.

Most of the photo’s on this Blog are made by me and otherwise I will give credit to the person or company who made the pictures. I you want to use my Photo’s or information you an find on this Blog, please credit me and share the name and/or link of this Blog.
If you want to work together, you can sent me message through my Contact page.

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